Augmented Reality Development

AR has the potential to provide solutions and applications in helping productivity, efficiency and audience engagement. Whether it’s for a marketing campaign, educational, travel, gaming purposes, or to improve a user’s shopping experience (e.g. IKEA’s 3D Catalogue app), these applications can deliver strong, consistent and beneficial brand messages.

The great thing about augmented reality is that it opens to door to creativity and out of the box thinking. Nothing is off the table. We’ll help make your dreams an augmented reality!

Not sure where to start with your Augmented Reality idea? Or not even sure what Augmented Reality actually is? We can help!


There is a common misconception that Augmented Reality is only used for gaming purposes, when it can in fact prove to be a valuable commercial sales tool.

Merging the real world with technology, it certainly encourages a sense of play, but is most of all about introducing new ideas and experiences to the end user. Recent advancements in AR hardware has made utilising AR in sales, marketing, and training possible.


Augmented Reality helps you to expand your imagination, bring objects, characters and fictional worlds to life. Have fun whilst you immerse yourself in your own bespoke Augmented Reality. Many museums and tourist attractions are turning to Augmented Reality to create the entertaining experiences that people now want.


Who said education had to be boring? With AR and VR technology, you can communicate information and increase engagement using 3D visual graphics, annotations, and interactions. AR and VR technology is paving the way for educational advancements: just take a look at our work with Ribble Rivers Trust to see an educational AR app in action!

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