No doubt you will, like the rest of the technology world, have seen Apple’s latest release last night. This release comes during the 10-year anniversary of the launch of the very first iPhone, and arguably the moment mobile technology changed forever.

On Tuesday 12th September Apple launched three new phones, the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. They also released a number of other products, including a new generation of the Apple Watch, Apple TV and an augmented reality platform.

The technology, although innovative, carries quite a hefty price tag with the iPhone X being priced at a mere £999. However, prices aside, there are some incredible new features that look to change the face of mobile technology, literally!

Here’s our breakdown of Apple’s latest releases:

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

An improved version of the 7 and 7 Plus, the iPhone 8 has the same appearance but a better camera, a better processor and a better battery life. The biggest change I hear you ask? The inclusion of augmented reality and wireless charging! (We are very pleased about this… no more short wires!)

The iPhone 8 starts at £699 for a 64GB model and the 8 Plus starts at £799. Both versions can also be bought with 256GB, which will be available to pre-order on 15th September. The newest version of iOS, iOS 11, will be launched on the 19th of September.

iPhone X

The iPhone X, which is pronounced “iPhone ten” has seen the largest iPhone design change ever. The new smartphone features a new design with a near edge-to-edge display, and it features what Apple claims is the most durable smartphone glass ever made. The screen also includes a new OLED display, or super retina display, with a 2436×1125 screen resolution.

The biggest change is that there is no longer a home button, instead, Apple has moved away from their TouchID sensor to FaceID, which allows users to unlock their iPhone device with their face. The impressive technology is powered by the TrueDepth camera system and Apple’s newly developed neural engine. The inclusion of face recognition also has the fun new feature called Animoji, which adds your face and movements to your favourite emojis! Furthermore, Apple claims the system cannot be fooled by a 2D image, and the data collected on your face is protected with all of Apple’s security tools.

The rear-facing cameras are 12MP and a great improvement on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The flash feature has also had an upgrade, the pictures look incredible and the cameras are now tuned for augmented reality (AR), which is really exciting for us as we develop AR apps!

As mentioned above, wireless charging has been introduced, hallelujah! Apple is going to be offering AirPower, which is a new charging pad for the iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Battery life has been addressed once again in the development of the new iPhones. Apple now claims that the battery lasts a whole 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7, which we need to see to believe.


There are two sizes available for iPhone X; 64GB and 256GB and prices start at a whopping £999. A lot of people have been posting online that their first car cost them the same price, but our director Daniel asked this simple question: “Did that car open when it saw your face?”. We think it is safe to say that those cars did not, but if they did we would like to know about it!

Apple Watch Series 3

The newest release of the Apple watch has a distinct focus on user health. The new update for the Apple watch is there to help you keep an eye on your heart rate.

The latest release for the Apple Watch has cellular built in. Users can now send and receive calls and messages, use maps, stream Apple Music and much more without the need to have their mobile close by. This is a huge advancement in wearable mobile technology.

The Apple Watch Series 3 launches on the 22nd September and prices range from £329 to £399.

Apple TV

The latest update to Apple TV is the added 4K feature with images in HDR. The Apple TV 4K will be available in two models with different storage sizes, 32GB and 64GB. Prices are expected to be starting from around £179 for the 32GB and £199 for 64GB.

So, what do you think about Apple’s latest releases? We’re particularly excited for the wireless charging, the incorporation of AR and the new design. Apparently, we’ll be able to screenshot using just one hand, we’ll soon see.

All new releases are available on pre-order.