Digital trends are important, you may think your website looks good now, but like anything else, it will eventually start to look dated as other businesses develop new websites.

Once you have a website built the work doesn’t just stop there. Your website is always a work in progress, and in order to remain relevant, you must constantly update it. This could include page updates, new images or even a whole new design.

Why is it important?

It’s important to keep up-to-date with the online digital trends so you do not fall behind the crowd. First impressions are incredibly important, particularly online, as you want your business to look appealing to your potential customers. If it doesn’t then you should be worried.

Having a website that looks out-dated can not only affect the customer’s impression of your business but it can also reduce sales. For example, take a website that hasn’t had the design updated for years. Do you think this would look secure to a potential customer? Do you think they would be willing to give you their personal details such as payment card information and an email address? The likelihood is that the answer is a big, fat no!

With online security being one of a customer’s highest priorities, having n ‘old’ looking website is going to be detrimental to your business. Making sure it looks trustworthy, aesthetically pleasing and gives customers a great user experience all need to be addressed continuously and should be the main objectives when designing your website. Following the current digital trends will play a big part in making your website work for your customer.

Where can I see these digital trends?

There are many places you can get inspiration from for the design of your website. Market leaders are the best place to look, as they are the businesses setting these digital trends. Take eCommerce websites, for example, Missguided and are two of the largest online fashion retailers in the UK and they have set the standard for all other fashion boutiques to follow.

Not only this but keeping up with the technology available, where your customers can access your business, is paramount to your success. Websites need to be responsive, there is no doubt about that. With consumer consumption patterns changing and the ever-increasing use of smartphones and other digital devices, your website needs to be able to work on all of them; mobiles, tablets, wearable technology (e.g. watches) and Smart TVs.

So, to summarise, we’re not saying you need to update the design of your website every couple of months, but you certainly should be thinking about it. Keeping your content new and exciting, as well as ‘trend-driven’, will get your customers coming back again and again. Remember, you are being judged, not just by your customers but also by your competition. To make sure you’re staying ahead keep up with the current digital trends. Simple.

If you’re interested in updating your website, or have any questions regarding current digital trends then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to hear about your project! Please contact usor call 01772 393989.