eCommerce websites may receive a lot of visitors. But, have you noticed that your website may not get a huge amount of sales? eCommerce conversion needs to be high on your priority list in order for your business to be successful.

There are many reasons why people do not make a purchase, or ‘convert’, after visiting your online store. These issues affect many different eCommerce websites, regardless of industry, and we’ve listed some of the main culprits below.

Website Design for eCommerce Conversion

This is obvious. Think of your website as a real-life store, would you want it to look disorganised and completely out-of-date? The answer is more than likely no. So why would you want your eCommerce website to look disorganised and out-of-date?

There are two key reasons we think that are turning your customers away…

  1. Customers cannot find what they are looking for. Having to search through a website to find exactly what they’re looking for is something customers are not going to do. Your website needs to make everything clear so they can find the item after a few short clicks.
  2. Product layout/arrangement isn’t user-friendly. Your product categories need to be well defined, in one clear place, but not be overwhelming where an item could be in a couple.

Having a well thought out theme, which is responsive to the customer’s device, is the best option. This helps create a website which can be easily navigated through. Well thought out category creation and product layout will also mean customers should be able to find desired items within 3 clicks.

Product Description

This is important. Making sure the item is described in detail means that the customer has a greater idea of what the product is that they are buying, as they cannot touch or feel the item for themselves. The product description gives you a chance to truly sell the product to your customer, so we would recommend thinking about what their reasons for purchasing the product could be and providing them with the benefits and uses so the customer knows exactly what they are paying for.

Within this, the copy needs to be grammatically correct. Spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and poor terminology all look unprofessional. Make sure to proofread any descriptions written or hire a third-party expert to do it for you.

Photograph Quality

This is equally as important. Low-quality product photographs do not look good online. Remember, you are trying to emulate a real shop, where customers can feel and see the product for themselves. Photographs taken on a mobile phone, in someone’s bedroom or on a night out are not the best way of displaying your products. Your products need to be well-lit and displayed clearly for the pictures to show the customer the product itself. It looks unprofessional, which is not something you want your business to be perceived as!

Multiple photographs of the product from a variety of different angles would be a fantastic place to start. Better yet, professional modelling shots (where applicable), where customers can see how the item looks on a person, help them to visualise how they would wear the item themselves.

There are ways to take beautiful photographs for your eCommerce website with a smaller budget. Making sure you have a good background, preferably white, and good lighting are just two simple steps to help you make your product pictures that bit better. Editing software tools are also available, which can help with backgrounds, shadows, and slight retouches. But, do not go overboard, it’s obvious when models and products have been edited. Make sure your products photographs look like the real-life thing.

So, when you’re planning and developing your eCommerce conversion focused website make sure your design is user-friendly, your product descriptions are done correctly and your photography looks professional. If you have any questions about eCommerce websites or would like to discuss a project with us then please contact us or call 01772 393989.