As experts in eCommerce Development, Tienda Digital are a digital agency who have built websites for many boutique fashion retailers, as well as other online stores, expanding their sales potential from one or two physical outlets to an online store.

One advantage that an online store has to offer over a physical store is that it’s accessible at all times. Customers can visit your site from anywhere, meaning that they can visit your online store remotely. They are able to fit their shopping around their busy schedule, which is now very common customer behaviour.

A lot of online shoppers will buy directly from the website. However, some shoppers may like to browse online, then come into the store to make the purchase physically. This enables them to try on the dress or to see if the shoes fit well enough to buy.

A great reason for having an online store is that you can send out newsletters with offers on products directly to your previous customer’s email addresses. This can entice them to visit your site and to make a sale. These newsletters could include price reductions, new stock or even voucher codes.

All of our solutions have great features such as the ability to create and manage voucher codes, stock management, and great reporting functionality.

Tienda Digital Case Study

Take a look at Glamour Bikinis and Clothing Boutique for example. They were using a really basic website that wasn’t capable of performing the functionality that they wanted. Our development team got in touch and we built her a brand new site on the OpenCart platform. This is a robust solution, which allows her company to expand without any problems. The decision to place their new website on this platform was because it had the capabilities to manage more products than their previous solution.

If you are interested in updating your online store, getting your shop online or you have any questions, give our expert team a call.