eCommerce websites and online shops have seen tremendous growth over the past 10 years. Buying online has become the most accessible and convenient way to purchase goods and it can be done from most devices. It’s no wonder then that there is a whole plethora of businesses having eCommerce websites developed. But, with competition increasing, online retailers need to be showing their customers why they should be purchasing with them. There are numerous pitfalls many eCommerce websites make when they launch and we’re here to help!

You can no longer just list your products; customers have higher expectations and online retailers need to raise their game and improve their service to stand out from the crowd.

We have collated some of the best do’s and don’ts to make your eCommerce business a success online!

eCommerce Do’s:

  • Test everything – making sure you test your website thoroughly on a continuous basis is so important. The website should not only be running to your expectations but that of your customers too.
  • Pick the right platform – It may be easier, and cheaper, to use one platform, but think of your business in the long-term. Switching your eCommerce platform can be a bit of pain, if you plan ahead and not just for your immediate needs you’ll benefit greatly.
  • Listen to your customers – at the end of the day, your success relies on pleasing them. Feedback is a useful tool to help you make your website better; you do not need to act on everything they say, but you should listen. Communication is key, making them the focus of the website helps you to create targeted messages.
  • Use high-quality images – professional photography can make the world of difference to your customer. If they can see your product clearly from every angle it not only creates a more “hands-on” experience, but it looks more appealing too.
  • Keep things simple – your website needs to work for your customers. Navigation is key to the success of selling online. Making sure your customers can easily find and buy what they are looking for should be a high priority.

eCommerce Don’ts:

  • Expect immediate success and assume people will just find your website – make sure you have a plan regarding how you are going to make people aware of your eCommerce website. Online marketing tools such as PPC and SEO, as well as social media, will all help to encourage traffic to your online shop.
  • Ignore customer service – retaining customers is a lot easier than acquiring them, therefore a satisfied customer is likely to purchase from you again, potentially informing their own network of your business. Providing contact information for customer inquiries and a personalised customer touch points will all help boost your customer service and their brand loyalty, in turn increasing sales.
  • Forget to keep your website updated – in our post ‘Digital-Trends – Are you keeping up-to-date?‘ We’ve detailed exactly why you should be making sure your website looks modern and fresh.
  • Bombard people with messages – there’s nothing worse than a constant stream of emails and notifications from an online retailer after we’ve signed up to a mailing list or made a purchase on their website. Make sure to figure out a balance and what works for both you and your customer.
  • Cut corners – this can be easy to do, but making sure you address any issue (even the ones that seem inconsequential) at the beginning will mean you have fewer problems in the long run as your business grows.

So, when you’re planning and developing your new eCommerce website don’t forget what we’ve mentioned here, and while some of the points we’ve given may seem obvious you’d be wise to uphold them as you expand your business presence online.

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