What is CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management and is usually a system or software that helps streamline relationship management between providers and their customers.

Do you or your business colleagues often find yourselves forgetting tasks and not knowing what you are meant to be doing? Don’t worry, it happens a lot and we meet businesses every day that are just the same. Most have piles of sticky notes, and a task list as long as their arm strewn across their desks. Many companies miss out on sales because a member of staff forgets to do something and misplace pieces of paper and information regarding inquiries.

If only there was something available to minimise the risk, something that could help you manage your inquiries and tasks more effectively… Well, there is. Simply use a business system, or what some would call a CRM (customer relationship management) system.

What does a CRM System do?

A custom business system can work exactly how you want it to, which allows you to work more effectively and with ease. Business systems can be used to manage enquiries, current projects, tasks, marketing campaigns and much more. Imagine an organised system that improves productively, saves time and relieves stress.

Just think about how much time and effort would be saved if everything was all in one place? Sounds glorious, doesn’t it.

That is where we come in. Tienda Digital build custom business systems that let you manage your processes more effectively. We always practice what we preach. We developed our own internal CRM system which can be safely accessed anywhere online.


CRM features

Our system contains the following features:

  • Customer and sales management: Ability to add leads and customers along with location and staff information, including contact details.
  • Project management: Ability to add projects and link them to customers – we can make notes, allocate tasks, upload documents, link in all communication with the client and quote that project.
  • To do lists.
  • Integration with Xero to keep our accounts up to date and create invoices.
  • Staff holiday tracking and management.
  • Sales reports and conversion tracking.
  • Instant notifications for staff.


Using this system we have streamlined and improved our own internal processes. We have every project and inquiry that we have ever done in our system. This means that all the information we need is in one place. We do this regularly for clients with the main benefits of organisation, time-saving and improving the sales process.