Efforts to streamline your business can be difficult and time consuming. It not only includes your internal processes and staff members, but it can also have a knock-on effect on your customers too. Making sure you take into consideration the impact that streamlining your business will have and the potential consequences if you do make the decision

We’ve been doing some digging and we have collated a list of some of the best ways to help you streamline your business.


Keep it simple

Streamlining your business is not only going to help you but all the other people working for the company. Asking for feedback from your employees has to be the first port of call in the streamlining process. They are generally well informed of how the current processes work and the areas which could be improved. Gaining this feedback is also essential as those providing feedback will be those carrying out the new processes and work to streamline the business.


Technology is your friend

Going digital can be a bit scary, but trust us when we say you won’t regret it. By reducing your paper flow can create a more efficient workplace. Often both time and money are spent filling in paperwork or chasing paperwork or chasing people who were meant to have the paperwork. It’s annoying, and let’s face it, often pointless.

Customer relationship management systems were built to combat this issue, particularly for sales, marketing, and customer service. Using a central system such as this is super beneficial in the long-term for your business. By storing data about your clients, projects, suppliers and more, a CRM system can manage everything from one space. By doing this you are creating a central hub which has all the information you need.

There are also ways to integrate paperwork online, rather than a physical copy, which uploads straight to the system. Our client Fitness Warehouse were looking to reduce their own paper trail by streamlining their business. The system included a central dashboard, a calendar, customers and their information, installed products, jobs, product groups, parts, and user roles. This, in combination with an app for their engineer’s tablets, has saved them countless houses that would have been spent writing, scanning and filing paper documents.



It might sound like we are stating the obvious, but that’s because we are. If you have 400 different pieces of software for 400 different tasks there is bound to be some confusion and more importantly, time, spent going back and forth between each piece of software.

Instead, we recommend integrating your software together (you can do this in your own CRM!). This way you can conduct all your tasks from one place, saving you time and therefore the business money.

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