Anyone who has a website is curious as to how people use it. Well, there is software available which you can add to your website which shows you exactly that. HotJar is one of these fantastic services we would recommend to anyone looking for more insights on their site.

What is HotJar?

Hotjar is an online tool which monitors and records the behaviour of users on your website. It works as a great instrument to provide feedback and analysis of your website, giving insight into how to improve your site’s user experience and performance.

How can you use it?

Hotjar offers a number of ways to monitor and gain a greater understanding of your visitors.

The service shows heat maps, showing a visual representation of where users are clicking the most on your site. They also record the screens of users that visit the website, which shows you exactly how they move throughout the site along with their clicks and mouse movements.

The information collected is useful when making decisions about how to improve the usability of the website. It can demonstrate areas of weakness and allow you to focus resources on these highlighted areas.

These two functions are not the only available from the service. Hotjar also allows you to track conversions, monitor online form completions, provide feedback tools and even offer the ability to create surveys.

The most common thing we find on Hotjar is that users don’t want to scroll down too much to find info. They need the key points of what exactly that page is about. Users have a short attention span and want information as quickly as you can give it to them.  Having your main products or services immediately in view is key.

Why should you use it?

Hotjar offers a free trial period for you to test the software so that you can monitor your visitors and see how effective it can be.

Hotjar compliments existing tools such as Google Analytics, adding to the knowledge and information collected about your website. By using a combination of these online tools you are creating the best chance of success, using all the tools at your disposal.

We could not recommend HotJar enough as it’s so easy to use. If you’d like to sign up for your free trial click here.

If you need help with Hotjar or implementing changes that you need from the findings, then get in touch! Call 01772 393989 or email and we’ll be able to help you.