Making your customer feel valued is crucial in business, and what better way to do it than tailoring your content and promotional messages to them. But, there can be certain obstacles. For example, lack of data, lack of accurate data or lack of capability to support personalisation.

Due to the fact that the majority of markets being fairly saturated maintaining customer loyalty has become increasingly difficult. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to show those customers, or potential customers, that you’re thinking about them as an individual and that you value them. By producing personalised and relevant content for those target customers you can help to increase sales and improve your customer retention.

Data is massive for personalisation

Capturing data is imperative to personalisation. Data capture and the features you use to collect information. This can include online registration forms and email subscription opt-ins make this process slightly easier.

You can use personalisation from the bare minimum amount of information a customer can provide. Name, email address, and location can provide you with a huge opportunity. Once you have the information it opens up doors to even more information about their activity on your website and with your business. What they buy, how much they spend, when they do this, what device they use and much more can be gathered. Having access to this information means you can begin to customise your services according to their behaviour and preferences.

Customer Value

It is more likely that a customer will spend more with you when they feel like they are valued as a customer. This helps to create loyalty with the brand.

A great example of personalisation from a business is Boots. Their advantage card loyalty scheme is a fantastic tool for data collection. A person has to sign up for the card, providing information like name, address, age etc. Then uses the card to collect points when they spend (4 points per £1). This card also collects data on your buying habits, so when they send out their ‘My Offers’ they are tailored to you and what you regularly buy, increasing their customer retention.

Let’s get personal

Improve efficiency, relationships, sales, and loyalty by sending personalised and relevant content to your customers. Remember, by using personalisation as part of your sales strategy you are making your customers feel valued. This in turn encourages them to spend again with you, increasing your customer retention.

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