Tienda Digital has been working closely with Oppima on the latest updates to their web system. We have been developing a new iOS app for driving instructors and learner drivers. Oppima is a “Just Eat” style of system for driving lessons; the service allows learner drivers to find local driving instructors.

Over the last few months, Tienda Digital has been working extensively on the lead generation service offered by Oppima which matches learner drivers with driving instructors. A user can enter their contact details, along with their specific requirements for a driving instructor including gender, location, and car transmission. The user is then paired with a local instructor who is ready to teach the learner.

For the lead generation service, Tienda has worked on adding a credit system for instructors. This easily allows them to top up credits which can be exchanged for learner driver’s details. As the instructors are on the road a lot, a mobile app was a priority in developing the system further.

App Release

Tienda Digital and Oppima are in the final testing stages of the native iOS app before public release. The mobile app will allow instructors and learners to easily manage their profiles on the go. Once the iOS app is released, the Android version of the app will soon follow.

The great thing is that Oppima offers this service cheaper than most national driving schools. This means the service suits independent instructors along with instructors who are part of a driving school. Oppima can also offer refunds to instructors for the learners who do not take lessons, so it’s a win-win for the instructor.

Now that the lead generation system and iOS app are in place Oppima is about to pitch for investment.  Over the next few months, Tienda Digital will be working closely with Oppima and multiple driving schools/instructors to improve the user journey on the website and develop the Android app.