Last Thursday a couple of the Tienda Digital team ventured to Bury to visit the Arcade Club. Recommended to them by none other than Director, Daniel Fisher, they took a trip after work on Thursday 15th November as a treat for their work over the past couple of months. Sadly a couple of the team were not able to make the trip, but it was a good night nonetheless.

The Arcade Club, which consists of two jam-packed game-filled floors, is located in an old mill in Bury. The first floor has a huge range of modern arcade games and new Japanese games, as well as a pinball room and bar. One area which the Tienda team enjoyed was the VR-Cade, where they could have a go on the virtual reality games.

The other floor was more like a classic arcade, with a huge range of retro consoles and memorabilia. There were some classics like Track and Field and Asteroids, as well as more modern masterpieces like Street Fighter! This floor also had a food and drinks counter, and whilst we were there competitions were taking place on a number of their games.

We had an amazing time playing a joint game of Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch, competing at Guitar Hero and thrashing each other at pool. We would highly recommend making the trip to visit, there is something for everyone to do! Prices are based on floor access, and we’d advise paying for both floors so you can get the entire experience.

The staff were absolutely fantastic, in particular, Kyle who helped us out on the VR games. Make sure to check out the Arcade Club on Facebook and give them a like. You can also find out information about opening times over on their website, click here.

Thanks to Daniel for paying for the trip, we’re looking forward to the next team outing!