Making Tax Digital is coming into force in April 2019 which means that all businesses above the VAT threshold will need to be using online accountancy software and provide quarterly updates to HMRC for their VAT. Over the past 2 years we have worked on several integrations for Xero accountancy software, so we thought we would take you through a few options that might help your business.

eCommerce & Xero Integration

We have worked with a lot of online boutiques over the years. An issue that many of them have is that their website is not linked to any accountancy system. They are paying for their accountants and bookkeepers to manually manage the accounts and pull the information from eCommerce sales. A solution to this would be to integrate the platform they use for online sales to their accountancy software.

We have integrated our client’s online eCommerce website and sales systems to enable the sales to go directly into the accountancy software which streamlines the process and saves the client money. The accountancy programs such as Xero are then up to date in real time and can show the accountant and the business the current live account information such as revenue and profits.


Another of our clients, TOOLi, has a platform for Tradespeople and companies to connect. There is an advertising portal in the backend where suppliers and companies can create adverts. We streamlined this so that when a purchase is made, the system sends the details into Xero. This then sends out the invoice on your behalf. When the card payment hits the bank accounts, Xero pulls in the feed and it can automatically be reconciled. No lost time is spent trying to link up the payments which the clients.

CRM Systems


At Tienda Digital, we have our own CRM system that we have developed in-house. We have integrated Xero to enable us to send invoices from the software inside our CRM. When we work on projects for clients, we work on payment structures. For example, we take 30% up front, 30% upon completion of the wireframes and designs, 20% when we hand over a test version of the app/website and then the final 20% of the project when its signed off. In our system, once we complete each section, we can send that through to Xero to send out an invoice to the client and the system is automatically updated when the users pay. This saves times in duplicating the process and automating the process of checking if payments etc. have been made.

Xero is great as there are lots of integrations already available on the system. Plus, their API is very good to work with so it enables developers to send and receive lots of data. A lot of businesses have a sales system and it’s easy for them to see the sales they have made but without logging into Xero and checking the P&L accounts or running reports, they won’t be able to see the profit and if targets are being hit. Integrating with Xero allows this to happen! Instead of giving Xero access to employees, businesses can simply select what information the employees can view in their sales systems.

Existing Integrations

Finally, let’s talk about the integrations that already exist that can help your business:

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is a great way for companies and accountancy firms to collect financial transactions instantly. The system means no messing around and no data entry. We use receipt bank to send our invoices into, this then reads the information and enters it for us. We then simply login and submit to Xero. This process massively speeds up accounting and bookkeeping services


Recording business mileage is nothing short of a hassle. With trip catcher, you can allow it to monitor your travel in real time. You can also record your mileage by entering the from and to locations and the system works out the mileage for you.

There are hundreds more and we can’t simply talk through them all. Check out for a full list of ready-made integrations. Are you looking for something like the above or more custom? Get in touch and we can look at the best solution for you! You can contact us here, or call 01772 393989 Also, please feel free to send over an email to if you have any questions regarding Xero integration or any web development project you would like to discuss.