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UX Design – Android & iOS

UX Design - Android & iOS 9th May 2018 UX design, or "user experience" is one, if not the, most important part of development. An experienced UX designer will have extensive knowledge in both iOS and Android platforms and should be able to provide advice on what works best for both. Appearance UX design differs [...]
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Drop App – Social Connect App

Drop App - Social Connect App 25th April 2018 We’re excited to have finished developing a new mobile app intended to revolutionise the way people connect. Drop app is the brainchild of Sky Sender Ltd. They wanted to create something to help people connect and network using social media. The app hopes to help users [...]
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Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design 11th April 2018 Mobile website design is more than simply a website for a mobile device. It can include a number of options which you will need to consider to make the best decision for your business. As consumers spending so much time on their mobile devices, browsing online and shopping, choosing [...]
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