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Positive Features:

  • Clear and easy navigate menu

  • Contact page link in the menu

  • Contact form on the contact page

  • Testimonials add weight to your offering

  • Lots of ways to contact you are available on the contact page


Make it obvious what you are offering

  • The first thing I read is “TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL” – How? You should tell the website visitor exactly what you do in 1 sentence (10 words or less)

Make your call-to-actions stand out

  • Call-to-action buttons should stand out more. Be clear about what you want people to do when they visit your website. At the moment your buttons don’t have a consistent message

Add more blog content and make it easier to read

  • Only 1 blog item from last year. Add more content consistently to improve SEO

  • The text is also hard to read

Make your menu items more specific

  • Menu items ‘What is it?’ and ‘Be A Part’ are not 100% clear. ‘About’ and ‘Get involved’ may work better

Be clear about where you operate

  • Your website doesn’t say any specific area, do you target worldwide or locally? If global, add locations you currently help people as it adds clout.

Reorder your “Be a part” page

  • You should put items in order of what you want to sell. Membership is near the bottom at the moment but should be higher up the page

General housekeeping

  • Freebies has the wrong title in “Be a part” – currently membership

  • Freebies page – you tell them to click the image to get it but you should have a button as its an action.

  • Blog and contact headers don’t match the rest of the site.

  • The account page is blank.

  • None of the buttons on “Be a part” actually link to anything.

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