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Positive Features:

  • The services are clearly listed on the homepage

  • The menu is clear, concise and has a contact page link

  • The contact information is in the top bar (although its better on the right-hand side)

  • Straight-to-the-point services pages


  • The first slider image on the website does not say exactly what the company does. Consider having a static image that says what you offer rather than using a moving slider which currently hiding important information.
  • The LED lighting table is not easily readable.
  • The favicon is not your branding or logo. This needs updating to increase credibility.
  • The website copyright says 2017 – out of date information will lose credibility.
  • There are no testimonials or case studies on the website. Consider adding some to each page to add credibility.
  • Clients page is empty and says “coming soon” – unfinished websites lose credibility and authenticity.
  • Contact form seems to be missing or hidden which will negatively affect user experience and your ability to capture leads.
  • The ‘Areas we cover’ page has an excessive list of areas covered. I understand that this will be done for SEO but its not the correct way of doing things. Especially as most use repeated content where the location is the only wording that is changed.
  • Your CTAs (call to actions) need to be clearer. Make it obvious how to contact you by adding a form and phone number. Make it as easy as possible for website users to contact you.
  • The website does not show the true stature of the business. Consider improving the design and making your website look more polished to reflect this. Another thing to consider is adding more content. This will add credibility and help to increase organic traffic. Content ideas include case studies, relevant blog posts and as mentioned above, testimonials.

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