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Positive Features:

  • Clear and easy menu

  • Clear call-to-action at the top of the website (Book Now)

  • Contact page button in the menu

  • Contact form on the contact page

  • Map showing your location

  • Ability for users to purchase block-booking


  • Improve image quality

    • Consider having some professional images taken or changing the layout of your images. Rather than using a slider, consider using one strong image which could have more of an impact. The rest could then be added to a gallery page.
  • Make it easier to find you and contact you

    • The website doesn’t quickly say where you operate need to look to find it. Making this information more obvious and repeating it across your website will also help with SEO. 
    • Add a contact form for enquiries. You can then use this to gather data and build potential email marketing lists.
    • Add your phone number to the contact page. Without it, you are making it harder for customers to contact you. 
  • Incorrect information

    • Copyright footer says 2023. Change this to 2021.
  • Make it easier for people to read your website

    • Full-width centralised text is hard for people to read. 
  • Add more content

    • Written content on your website is low so it won’t be effective for SEO or attracting organic visitors to your website.
    • The blog should be used more for advice and tips to show your skills and knowledge. It will generate sales if it’s done correctly and consistently. 
    • Your Instagram page is blank – remove the link to it until you have added content.
  • Move your contact information into the header

    • “Contact me” menu item should be in the far right as that is standard best practice and users are used to it being there. 
  • Make your booking system more transparent

    • Booking system makes you login before you can see anything, people will want to check availability before they sign up – similar to how booking a massage works. 
  • Add massages to the booking system

    • The shop on the website does not make sense, people won’t buy a massage without being able to book it in – the booking system is for this. 

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