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Positive Features:

  • Clear and easy to navigate menu

  • Lots of pictures which show off your work.

  • Customer reviews add weight to your offering

  • Contact page link in the menu

  • Contact form on the contact page


  • Remove the pop up on the homepage

    • The first thing I see is a pop up that then tells me to go and read something but doesn’t say what it is? This looks spammy – it also does not link anywhere.
  • Add text content to the homepage

    • No content on the homepage apart from images. There should be text to help with SEO and to tell the website visitor exactly what you do. 
  • Add an image gallery to your website

    • Some images are on sliders but website visitors will want to see them in a gallery. There are 112 of them on the wedding page. This needs narrowing down to your best ones.
  • Make your reviews more visible

    • Reviews should be displayed across other pages, not just the review page
    • Review layout is could be improved, it would be better in a list as it makes it easier for the website visitors to read. 
  • Make it easier for your visitors to find you

    • The website doesn’t say where you are located, or it’s difficult to find?
    • Making this information more obvious will help attract relevant customers and will also help with SEO. 
  • Make your colour scheme match your branding

    • At the moment, the colour scheme does not match the logo. Correct this to make your website look more professional

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