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Positive Features:

  • Clear and easy to use menu bar

  • The search function at the top of the website adds value

  • Contact page button in the menu


  • Improve image quality

    • You could make your website look more professional by using higher quality images in your header. At the moment, your images are pixelated so they don’t communicate the value of your business as well as they could.
    • I would also recommend using images showing your products being used or displayed in a real-life situation. That way your website visitors can imagine themselves using them in various situations
  • Improve the filter on your “Shopping” pages

    • On the shopping pages, there are too many filters. I would advise categorising them to make it less complicated for your website visitors. For example, the Canvas filter and the Bathroom filter don’t seem to belong to the same category
    • Once you have streamlined your category filters I would definitely consider a price range filter
  • Tailor your content geographically

    • I am on the English site but the estimated shipping starts off by showing my information for the United States. Make sure your content is showing the correct information to your audience.
  • Improve the “Catalog” drop-down menu

    • Change the word “Catalog” to more closely resemble the purpose of the menu options. For example, instead of “Catalog”, it could be “Shop by room”
  • Add a button to your newsletter Call-To-Action

    • In the white, homepage section, the “Sign up to newsletter” call-to-action has not button

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