Tienda Digital named official development partner for Lancashare

Tienda Digital Named Official Development Partner for Lancashare

16 August 2017

Lancashare Web Development Partner

After building the original website, Tienda Digital have now been selected as the official web development partner of Lancashare. We are honored to have been announced as the agency behind one of the biggest and most important projects in Lancashire.

Tienda digital will be working with Lancashare to help businesses in Lancashire with their online presence. We will be helping to raise awareness of the Lancashare platform. We want to make Lancashare the go to business hub in the area.

As an agency based in Preston, it was always one of our main priorities to help improve business in Lancashire. We we’re thrilled to have been able to develop a system that intends to do just that.

The bespoke website and content management system we have built acts as an online directory for businesses in Lancashire and includes networking groups, events, tenders, jobs and even news. We also incorporated the ability to sign up for subscriptions and different access levels to the web portal.

It’s safe to say that Lancashare has been an absolute success, with hundreds of businesses already using the system and this doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. The growth that Lancashare has achieved only looks to continue to grow, with new businesses signing up every day.

We spoke with Lancashare’s Director, Lisa Edge, about the process of building Lancashare and her thoughts about the project and Tienda Digital’s role, you can watch her testimonial here.

We are looking forward to working with Lisa and Lancashare as their official web development team. We’re also looking forward to seeing the continued success of the business!

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