Website Design: Why It’s Important to Get it Right!

Web design is important. Having a website is essential for most businesses in 2018, but just having a website may not always be enough. At our offices in Preston, the Tienda Digital team sat down and discussed what we believe is necessary for a good website to represent a company in 2018.

1. A website should be quick to load. Most users, especially the younger users, who are used to websites loading quickly and have short loading times, will come to expect this from all websites. Hosting is important, along with the sizes of the images you upload, so make sure your website isn’t lagging in the speed department.

2. The website should work properly and not look or appear to be broken. A poorly performing website can cause users to be wary of the company, especially if it’s an online store asking for credit card details.

3. Modern websites need to work well in all modern browsers and on the most popular mobile and tablet devices. Mobile devices are being increasingly used to visit websites, your website has to look as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop or laptop.

4. Websites need to look good and have a modern design. For example, for an online store or boutique it needs to be appealing to the target market, and taking note of what the ‘big players’ in the industry are doing is imperative. Fashion styles change in clothing, the same goes for web design. If you don’t keep up with trends, you could appear to your audience as out of date!

5. Being up to date is not only helpful for the website’s visitors but it looks good to Google’s algorithms too. Ranking well for the keywords that your target market searches for on Google is priceless. Generally, users will only click on websites on the first page of a search. This is because Google’s algorithms are aimed towards the results being relevant to your query. Therefore, the first page should have the most relevant websites to your online search and having a web design that looks the part is key.

It’s not just brochure websites

Websites need to be consistently updated, which can include the content, the features, and even the styling. This is not specific to just brochure websites either. This also includes more complex websites and systems and even eCommerce websites too. So, whether you have an online store, a simple brochure site, or something a bit more elaborate we can help you keep your website looking fresh. Why not contact us here, you can also give our team a call on 01772 393989 or email to talk about our cost-effective monthly maintenance packages. If you’re looking for website design team in Preston, Lancashire or the North West, we’d love to hear from you!